This is the development log of '!Backup' - !Backup (backup/restore system). The versions are shown in descending order, with changes within a version being in ascending order.

Version 1.10

15-Feb-2009 : Update copyright year.

Version 1.09

12-Mar-2004 : Added new splash screen on startup.

Version 1.08

07-Jan-2004 : Added 32bit version.
07-Jan-2004 : Update copyright year.
27-Jan-2004 : Fixed some 32bit issues with embedded assembler code.

Version 1.07

08-Apr-2003 : Update copyright year.

Version 1.06

03-Aug-2002 : Fixed '!Help' exceptions.

Version 1.05

28-Apr-2002 : Added PUSBFS (USB Mass Storage) to file system list.

Version 1.04

22-Feb-2002 : Update copyright year.
22-Feb-2002 : When attempting to open a back file or media which is empty - prevent looping with a warning message.

Version 1.03

14-Jun-2001 : Allows for long filenames and long directory names.
15-Jun-2001 : Do not tile window backgrounds when this feature is disabled.

Version 1.02

20-Apr-2001 : Add new file system 'InternetFS'.

Version 1.01

20-Dec-2000 : Add new file systems to !Backup as extra destination devices.
21-Jan-2001 : Update copyright year.

Version 1.00

20-Mar-2000 : Change version number to 1.00 (not before time!).

Version 0.39

08-Feb-2000 : Change copyright to Partis Computing.

Version 0.38

05-Jan-2000 : Update copyright!

Version 0.37

03-Dec-1999 : Enhance BETA Testing facility.

Version 0.36

09-Mar-1999 : If territory is set to Switzerland then use German...

Version 0.35

24-Nov-1998 : Added new filing system ParIDEFS.

Version 0.34

27-Oct-1998 : New visual appearance.

Version 0.33

28-Apr-1998 : Added options for running programs etc before and after a backup.

Version 0.32

21-Mar-1998 : Added extra filing systems.

Version 0.31

05-Oct-1997 : Modified latest version of Risc_OSLib to fix menu bug.
05-Oct-1997 : Stop application from exiting or displaying wrong windows when selecting menu items.

Version 0.30

04-Oct-1997 : When !Backup is started up, it checks then zeros SCSIFSBuffers.

Version 0.29

16-Sep-1997 : Compiled with latest C compiler.

Version 0.28

21-Aug-1997 : Add ParFS, EADFS and IDEFS to backup destinations.
21-Aug-1997 : Changed the offset of the file icons in the restore directory window.

Version 0.27

17-Jun-1997 : Do not allow compression of executables.
17-Jun-1997 : Do not use normal '_kernel_swi' for SWI calls.

Version 0.26

12-Feb-1997 : Ensure all abreviations of 'byte' have a capital 'B'.

Version 0.25

22-Jan-1997 : When fetching all logs from medium, display the amount of free space on medium.
28-Jan-1997 : When creating temporary files in !Scrap, ensure there is enough space to do so. If not then give error.

Version 0.24

20-Nov-1996 : Rebuilt with latest version of Risc_OSLib.
21-Nov-1996 : Modified internal menu control system.

Version 0.23

18-Nov-1996 : Allow for file/pathnames over 95 charactors.
18-Nov-1996 : When rebuilding a directory structure on restore, don't create directories that already exit (runs faster).

Version 0.22

11-Nov-1996 : Allow smaller granularity for file size on file based backups.
11-Nov-1996 : Place the correct virtual log2 secsize inside file based backups.
11-Nov-1996 : Fix bug in reporting system which stopped some error reports from being logged.
12-Nov-1996 : Double clicking on a Backup file in a filer window will launch backup and allow restore operations.
12-Nov-1996 : Ensure file based backups do not attempt to dismount the host medium.

Version 0.21

12-Sep-1996 : Added support for backing up to a file.

Version 0.20

31-Jul-1996 : Modified window layout.

Version 0.19

09-Jul-1996 : Various minor changes.
09-Jul-1996 : The restore directory tree is now intellegently built so that a minimum number of directories are created.

Version 0.18

25-Jun-1996 : Allow clicking on icons which contain information for drop-down menus.
25-Jun-1996 : Allow clicking with right mouse button.
25-Jun-1996 : On Up/Down/Left/Right arrows, the right button will now work in reverse.

Version 0.17

24-Jun-1996 : Add drop down menu support.

Version 0.16

29-Apr-1996 : Add 3rd party license support.

Version 0.15

24-Apr-1996 : Update progress window on backup and restore so that backing up very large files give some progress report.
26-Apr-1996 : Instead of verify simply checking that data was written to medium, make sure data is correct too!
26-Apr-1996 : Limit destination drives to 4-7 as drives 0-3 are treat differently by FileCore.

Version 0.14

23-Apr-1996 : Dont close directory window when restore is complete and user clicks on completion window.

Version 0.13

22-Apr-1996 : On flushing data to medium, ensure that it is in lumps of 1024byte blocks.
22-Apr-1996 : Fix MOD1024 bug when searching for the start point of an append backup.
22-Apr-1996 : Allow the viewing of the entire backup list, by using left/right arrows.
22-Apr-1996 : Allow an append backup to a currently empty (but formatted) medium.
22-Apr-1996 : Ensure when sizing restore that progress window is correct.

Version 0.12

18-Apr-1996 : Change support message and 'Medium not formatted' text.
18-Apr-1996 : Change 'scheduled backup setup' layout and dont allow scheduled backups when option window is open.
18-Apr-1996 : Ensure main window is opened after backup and restore.
18-Apr-1996 : Ensure that on backup, all data is committed to medium (not in drive cache) before completion.

Version 0.11

15-Apr-1996 : Do not close directory window after restoration (allow for further restores).
15-Apr-1996 : Change text and polarity for ignoring applications on backup (within options window).
15-Apr-1996 : When selecting restore files, allow mouse buttons to work as they would within a normal filer window.
15-Apr-1996 : After an operation, clicking on OKAY/VIEW on completion window will open main backup window.
15-Apr-1996 : On an incomplete backup, do not display performance but show a 'warning' instead.
15-Apr-1996 : Display sprite for FileTyped files in directory window.
15-Apr-1996 : Update directory window intellegently.

Version 0.10

04-Apr-1996 : Add SCSI drive options 0 to 3 in options window.
04-Apr-1996 : Add option to not backup applications (just data).
04-Apr-1996 : Allow greater multi-tasking (call Wimp_Poll every 10cs instead of 25cs).
04-Apr-1996 : Increase output buffer size to improve performance.
10-Apr-1996 : Increase performance of building backup file list.
10-Apr-1996 : Increase performance of directory restore, checking remaining files and building tape directory.
11-Apr-1996 : If the message file for a given territory is not found, use English.

Version 0.09

27-Mar-1996 : Display the date of each backup set in restore window.

Version 0.08

25-Mar-1996 : Use 'Territory' instead of 'Country' for multi-lingual message files.
25-Mar-1996 : Change prompting for an old 'timed backup' so it makes more sense.
25-Mar-1996 : Add option to check for an over-write of existing data on backup (except for scheduled backups).
25-Mar-1996 : Differentiate between a non-formated medium and one which has been formated but never used.
26-Mar-1996 : Open restore and options window fully and change misc text.
26-Mar-1996 : Add cancel option to options window which reverts to the previous saved options.
26-Mar-1996 : When items are selected for restore, display them like the desktop filer does.
26-Mar-1996 : Display backup medium name and size on restore window.

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