This is the development log of 'CDFSSoftPower' - CDFS support for SCSI2/NEC/Toshiba/ATAPI CDROM drives. The versions are shown in descending order, with changes within a version being in ascending order.

Version 1.37

17-Feb-2009 : Update copyright year.

Version 1.36

22-Feb-2002 : Update copyright year.

Version 1.35

21-Jan-2001 : Update copyright year.

Version 1.34

08-Feb-2000 : Change copyright to Partis Computing.

Version 1.33

13-Jan-1999 : No longer tell SCSIDriver the required transfer speed.

Version 1.32

02-Jan-1998 : Tell SCSIDriver that data transfer is to use the fastest mechanism possible.

Version 1.31

24-Mar-1997 : Added support for reading audio (CD-DA) on Toshiba SCSI-2 drives.

Version 1.30

16-Feb-1997 : Added support for reading audio (CD-DA) on NEC SCSI-2 drives.

Version 1.29

19-Nov-1996 : When checking for loader type (for multi changers) ensure R4 contains a legal value.
19-Nov-1996 : Added support for reading audio (CD-DA) on generic SCSI-2 drives.

Version 1.28

31-Oct-1996 : When searching for VDST, load each complete block instead of just the first word.

Version 1.27

29-Oct-1996 : Futher improvements for AutoChangers.
29-Oct-1996 : Added support for reading audio (CD-DA) on ATAPI drives (generic ATAPI).

Version 1.26

18-Sep-1996 : Improved support for AutoChangers.

Version 1.25

09-Aug-1996 : No longer UnPlug EESOX ATAPI driver. ATAPI support is controlled via !PowerMgr.
09-Aug-1996 : Add AutoChanger support. Allows drives such as the NEC 4x4 ATAPI to operate on all discs.

Version 1.24

19-Apr-1996 : Limit SCSI transfers to 255 blocks (some ATAPI drives can't TX more than this in one command).
19-Apr-1996 : Fix ModeSelect12 (CDB &55) so correct mode header is specified (cures volume control etc).

Version 1.23

01-Apr-1996 : Allow SetParm to set correct block size on PhotoCDs when using CDFS which comes with MPEG card.
01-Apr-1996 : Add support for IBM badged Toshiba drives.

Version 1.22

27-Jun-1994 : Made command names and module name into variables.
03-Jul-1994 : Add MultiSession support for NEC drives.
25-Jul-1994 : Cure strange problem with module - bad name!
11-Sep-1994 : Stop from crashing when accessing an empty SCSI drive.
27-Sep-1994 : Cache GetParms and optimise SetParms.
27-Sep-1994 : Optimise SCSI OEM and Presence code.
05-Oct-1994 : Add generic support for SCSI-2 drives not directly supported.
23-Oct-1994 : Optimise Get/Set parms for better Read/Seek.
26-Oct-1994 : Add missing lock/unlock SCSI-2 commands.
12-Nov-1994 : Add Mode2/Form2 support for MPEG discs.
27-Jan-1995 : Add Pioneer driver (really changed generic support).
17-Mar-1995 : If failure on normal Mode Sense/Select then try the 10byte version (for ATAPI etc)
18-Mar-1995 : Change driver to allow better generic support (for ATAPI)
20-Mar-1995 : Added directory for ATAPI special code. Not yet used but will be used for special read ops (Mode2/Form2).
27-Jun-1995 : Changed all module names so reloading CDFS allows module to work.
07-Jul-1995 : Disable 'Test Unit Ready' on SCSI/ATAPI to increase speed.
10-Oct-1995 : Added Toshiba support code.
01-Nov-1995 : Added LUN support.
01-Dec-1995 : Added command to allow drives not to perform a 'Test Unit Ready' (for NEC 3Xi).
13-Dec-1995 : Remove SCSI-2 check to allow some older drives to work.
05-Feb-1996 : Place SCSI-2 checks back into code.
06-Feb-1996 : Ensure drive is placed into correct Mode/Form when disc is changed.
29-Feb-1996 : When an ATAPI drive is found, don't check for SCSI drive names (all ATAPI drives should work the same).
13-Mar-1996 : Fix error where debug info would stop read errors being reported.
13-Mar-1996 : Automatically unplug the EESOX ATAPI driver!
14-Mar-1996 : Added CloseDraw SWI - but is never called!
14-Mar-1996 : Added volume control which works correctly.

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