This is the development log of 'Filer' - FileCore based file systems desktop filer. The versions are shown in descending order, with changes within a version being in ascending order.

Version 1.58

06-Nov-2011 : Added FlashPathFS filesystem.

Version 1.57

15-Feb-2009 : Added 'autorun' feature on disc insertion for removable drives.

Version 1.56

19-Oct-2002 : Start making filers 32bit compatable.

Version 1.55

30-Sep-2002 : Fix the 'graying' of the Dismount option on filer menu.

Version 1.54

26-Sep-2002 : Using SHIFT & SELECT on a drive icon will dismount that drive.
26-Sep-2002 : Using CTRL & SELECT on a drive icon will eject that drive if possible.

Version 1.53

27-Jul-2002 : On file systems which allow stacked icons, and icons are not stacked, the left mouse button will mount a drive.
27-Jul-2002 : Stop attempting to add too many lines to licence window - causes data curruption of memory!

Version 1.52

20-Apr-2002 : Return icon positions to previous location - lots of people didn't like the change!
28-Apr-2002 : Update licence information window.
28-Apr-2002 : Added new file system 'PowerUSB' (PUSBFS) for USB Mass Storage devices.
28-Apr-2002 : On selected file systems, hide the drive icon if drive is not present.

Version 1.51

16-Mar-2002 : Use disc name when available for RISC OS 4 type 'drag-and-drop'.
16-Mar-2002 : Position icons in their correct place on icon bar (ie. removable drives next to floppy icon etc).

Version 1.50

08-Jan-2002 : Update copyright year.
18-Feb-2002 : Add licence information window.
23-Feb-2002 : Added RISC OS 4 type 'drag-and-drop' to filer iconbar icons.

Version 1.49

17-Oct-2001 : Add optional 'Info' option to filer menus.

Version 1.48

15-Dec-2000 : Add new file system 'SmartMediaFS' for Surftec.
15-Dec-2000 : SmartMediaFS will automatically open the root filer window when Flash card is inserted.
21-Jan-2001 : Update copyright year.

Version 1.47

15-Sep-2000 : Add new file system 'Compact FlashFS' for Surftec.
15-Sep-2000 : FlashFS will automatically open the root filer window when Flash card is inserted.

Version 1.46

04-Aug-2000 : Add 'Quit' option to PowerZip, PowerJaz and PowerParallel.

Version 1.45

25-Apr-2000 : Allow the differentiation of'RISC OS' and 'RISC OS+' disc formats (awaiting FileType).
25-Apr-2000 : Add German translation for 'Next icon'.
25-Apr-2000 : Disable differentiation of filecore disc formats are RISC OS class them all as the same! :-(

Version 1.44

08-Feb-2000 : Change copyright to Partis Computing

Version 1.43

09-Jun-1999 : Add 'Next icon' option to menu as an addition to 'adjust'.

Version 1.42

09-Mar-1999 : If territory is set to Switzerland then use German...

Version 1.41

25-Feb-1999 : Add command FilerSprite which allows the overriding of a drives sprite.

Version 1.40

13-Jan-1999 : When a drive is not present, make the icon smaller (like it used to be).

Version 1.39

01-Dec-1998 : Check that !Backup has been seen before attempting to launch it.

Version 1.38

25-Nov-1998 : When mounting a disc with 'backup' data on it, launch !Backup if it has been seen.

Version 1.37

04-Nov-1998 : Add ZipDisc icons.

Version 1.36

18-Sep-1998 : New disc icon when disc not present.
18-Sep-1998 : Ensure Filer menu has title even if disc is not mounted.
21-Sep-1998 : Stop all filers (except SCSIFiler) from calling SCSIFS when mounting a drive.
21-Sep-1998 : Add new filing system IZipFS for Acorn Network Computer.

Version 1.35

07-Aug-1998 : Do not mount a disc when the MENU button is clicked over a filer icon.

Version 1.34

26-Jul-1998 : Filer now checks the size of a sprite when creating a filer icon on the icon bar.

Version 1.33

16-Jun-1998 : Added new service call handler.
11-Jul-1998 : Improved stacked icon support (stop addition soft-CMOS writes in ZipFS, JazFs and EADFS).

Version 1.32

13-Mar-1998 : Added stacked icon support (option in menu and FilerStack command).

Version 1.31

02-Feb-1998 : Filer will remember user settings over a reset/power off.

Version 1.30

14-Oct-1997 : Correct help text for 'Desktop_Filer'.
14-Oct-1997 : Added 'Lock' and 'Unlock' options to menu for removeable drives.

Version 1.29

01-Oct-1997 : Only allow WimpPolls no more frequent than 100ms. Improves desktop performance.
03-Oct-1997 : Allow extra types of charactors in a disc name.

Version 1.28

20-Aug-1997 : Disallow timed SpinDown on ParFS as Zip drives will automatically eject the disc.

Version 1.27

19-Aug-1997 : Fixed ParFS problem for ejecting discs from the icon bar.

Version 1.26

02-Jul-1997 : Added ParFS filing system.

Version 1.25

05-May-1997 : Added new German text file.

Version 1.24

16-Feb-1997 : Add 'Drive Info' display to desktop filer menu.

Version 1.23

28-Jan-1997 : Ensure certain menu options close the icon menu, irrespective of the menu button pressed.
28-Jan-1997 : Do not give an error when switching of 'Share' when 'Share' is already switched off.

Version 1.22

30-Oct-1996 : Change text in help message for 'FilerAutoPolling'.

Version 1.21

20-Oct-1996 : Pass DiscRecord to filing system when verifying so that the sector size is passed.

Version 1.20

12-Sep-1996 : Allow the 'FilerIcon' command to be issued at any time (inc. PreDesk & Tasks).
16-Sep-1996 : Use system icons for fixed discs and unknown drive types to reduce the resources file size.
18-Sep-1996 : If an icon changes state on the icon bar, check all drives again for any other change of state.

Version 1.19

05-Sep-1996 : Modify 'desktop verify' to allow for partitions larger than 4Gb.

Version 1.18

22-Jul-1996 : Add 'Eject' option to filer menu for removable drives.

Version 1.17

08-Jul-1996 : Remove display of unregistered software!

Version 1.16

23-May-1996 : Only display a 'unregistered' message every 40s instead of every 10s.

Version 1.15

04-Apr-1996 : Add option to allow the restoration of hidden icons.
09-Apr-1996 : When drives are being checked for their presence, display an hour glass.
10-Apr-1996 : Shade DISMOUNT when disc is shared, but don't shade VERIFY.

Version 1.14

26-Mar-1996 : Stop erroneous error when RMRun-ing the Filer module.
27-Mar-1996 : When clicking on a filer icon for MOUNT, inform FS that it is a user MOUNT.

Version 1.13

25-Mar-1996 : Use 'Territory' instead of 'Country' for multi-lingual message files.
25-Mar-1996 : Add menu option to remove icon from icon bar.

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