This is the development log of 'File System' - FileCore based file systems. The versions are shown in descending order, with changes within a version being in ascending order.

Version 1.75

06-Nov-2011 : Added FlashPathFS file system.

Version 1.74

30-Oct-2002 : All ZipFS and JazFS file systems *WILL* now lock parallel port to prevent contention from the printer spooler.

Version 1.73

16-Oct-2002 : File systems will now inform low level driver to use the fastest transfer system possible.

Version 1.72

26-Sep-2002 : Fixed ShowFree on discs larger than 4GBytes.
26-Sep-2002 : Changed error reporting code to help shutdown issues on RO4.

Version 1.71

03-Aug-2002 : Fixed silly branch bug (when device not connected) in SmartMedia, CompactFlash and PowerParallel file systems. Stops exceptions and 'SWI not found' erros.
03-Aug-2002 : Fixed infinite loop bug in file systems which require activation (SmartMedia and CompactFlash).
07-Sep-2002 : Fixed mount problem when requesting block size (cures RO4 shutdown problems).

Version 1.70

20-Apr-2002 : Stopping resource locking parallel port on ZipFS and JazFS.
27-Apr-2002 : Improve 'magic code' creation code for Surftec products.
28-Apr-2002 : Added new file system 'PowerUSB' (PUSBFS) for USB Mass Storage devices.

Version 1.69

23-Mar-2002 : Added new SWI reason code to clear drive's information cache.

Version 1.68

08-Jan-2002 : If ShowFree module is not present, then dont call it (For NCs).
08-Jan-2002 : Update copyright year.

Version 1.67

17-Oct-2001 : Add optional license information command to selected file systems.
17-Oct-2001 : Disable file system if license file is invalid or not present.

Version 1.66

07-Oct-2001 : First release of SmartMedia (SMediaFS) is finalised.

Version 1.65

08-Jul-2001 : Cache 'card list' on non-SCSI file systems.

Version 1.64

14-Apr-2001 : Improve IDE disc changes (IDEFS, EADFS, ParFS, CFlashFS and SMediaFS).

Version 1.63

15-Dec-2000 : Add new file system 'SmartMediaFS' for Surftec.
21-Jan-2001 : Update copyright year.

Version 1.62

15-Sep-2000 : Add new file system 'Compact FlashFS' for Surftec. This also supports IBM MicroDrives!

Version 1.61

04-Aug-2000 : Resource lock the parallel port in PowerZip, PowerJaz and PowerParallel.

Version 1.60

08-Feb-2000 : Change copyright to Partis Computing

Version 1.59

09-Mar-1999 : If territory is set to Switzerland then use German...

Version 1.58

24-Feb-1999 : On IDE based filing systems, check LBA bit when ascertaining the drive size.

Version 1.57

01-Jan-1999 : No longer set SCSI speed in the filing system.

Version 1.56

24-Nov-1998 : Add new filing system ParIDEFS for parallel port IDE hard drives.

Version 1.55

19-Jul-1998 : Further additions for ATAPI on local IDE bus(es).
27-Aug-1998 : Remove ATAPI stuff from IDEFS.
08-Sep-1998 : If a drive supports wide transfer (SCSI only) then enable 'wide' via SCSIDriver.
21-Sep-1998 : Add new filing system IZipFS for Acorn Network Computer.
21-Sep-1998 : Have option for 'read-only' soft CMOS files (for NC).
21-Sep-1998 : Filing systems for NC no longer allow the 'ShowFree' support.
25-Sep-1998 : If drives 0 to 3 are used, then disable read-ahead/write-after (stops machine locking problems).

Version 1.54

16-Jun-1998 : Added new service call handler.

Version 1.53

23-Mar-1998 : Add ZipPlus driver to ZipFS.

Version 1.52

03-Mar-1998 : Fix IDEFS and EADFS disc error reporting (mainly for verify).

Version 1.51

02-Feb-1998 : Finished support for EEPROMs and extended soft-cmos.

Version 1.50

22-Dec-1997 : Add 'auto-request-sense' code to PowerJaz and PowerZip (allows for medium address for errors etc).
02-Jan-1998 : Add 'request-sense' emulation to IDEFS and EADFS (PowerIDE) to report error addresses.
02-Jan-1998 : In SCSIFS, inform SCSIDriver that DMA transfers are always permissible.

Version 1.49

03-Dec-1997 : Fixed curruption of R0 in 'Get Error' - stopped some write-protect errors being passed back.

Version 1.48

14-Oct-1997 : Added new SWI base and FS number for ParFS.
14-Oct-1997 : Added 'Lock' and 'Unlock' commands.

Version 1.47

09-Oct-1997 : Rename ParFS to ZipFS (parallel port ZIP drives) and add new ParFS (parallel port SCSI).

Version 1.46

04-Oct-1997 : Do not check for illegal chars in the name of IDE drives (as some drive do contain bad chars!).

Version 1.45

19-Aug-1997 : Changed 'ShowFree' code so that it worked correctly with FSs other than IDEFS and SCSIFS.

Version 1.44

02-Jul-1997 : Added ParFS filing system (Parallel Port Zip drives etc).
03-Jul-1997 : Improved internal caching system.
08-Jul-1997 : Added correct SWI base and FS number to EADFS.
15-Jul-1997 : Added extra SWI reason code to identify Power-tec filing systems from other vendors.

Version 1.43

05-May-1997 : Added new German text file.

Version 1.42

26-Feb-1997 : Capture service call for system shutdown and restart, to stop errors being reported.

Version 1.41

19-Feb-1997 : On mount, if a drive says it is ready, then dont try to spin it up (speeds up mount operation).

Version 1.40

16-Feb-1997 : Add call for returning drive information to filer.
16-Feb-1997 : Modify MUX call for desktop verify call, so that old and new FileCore verify works.
16-Feb-1997 : On IDE based systems, when a drive identifies itself wrongly, then ignore it (stops ghosts).

Version 1.39

28-Jan-1997 : Ensure that disconnection is enabled on all FS that allow it.
30-Jan-1997 : When calling an internal verify operation, make sure it goes via FileCore - stops desktop errors.

Version 1.38

06-Jan-1997 : Improve startup and exit code, including the code which is used on a CMOS RAM change.

Version 1.37

20-Nov-1996 : In Mount code, check for Backup type format _after_ the partition offset has been determined.

Version 1.36

12-Nov-1996 : When spinning down a drive for dismount, wait till it stops before ejecting.
13-Nov-1996 : Ensure all errors from MiscOpMount are reported back to FileCore, else streamer errors are not reported.

Version 1.35

04-Nov-1996 : Stop errors being returned from MiscOp1.

Version 1.34

01-Oct-1996 : When start/stopping drives on mount/dismount or a failed MiscOp1, force the start/stop to occur.
02-Oct-1996 : Don't constantly increment the sequence number in MiscOp1 when a drive is empty.
07-Oct-1996 : Fix desktop verify on RISCOS 3.1/3.5 (this failed because SectorOp SWI is not recognised).
20-Oct-1996 : Remove some code which could cause StrongARM cache to become invalid.
21-Oct-1996 : Further enhance MiscOp1 for better 'change of state' detection.
21-Oct-1996 : Remove 'PreMount' on SHUTDOWN.

Version 1.33

18-Sep-1996 : Improve MiscOp1 further so that spun down drives are not confused with empty drives.

Version 1.32

17-Sep-1996 : Further refinements to 'PollChange' within MiscOp which include check for non-respondant drives and sequencing.
17-Sep-1996 : Implement MiscOp5 - for drives with power-eject - enabled by allowing 'spindown on dismount' option.
17-Sep-1996 : Remove redundant messages and errors to save on space.

Version 1.31

10-Sep-1996 : Allow EADFS/ParFS to have upto 8 partitions (more usefull for drives over 2Gb).

Version 1.30

30-Aug-1996 : Give immediate response to accessing a 'not ready' drive.
30-Aug-1996 : *Con.Map will allow R/W access by default.
30-Aug-1996 : Add config option Access <0
1> <0
1> where the second parm is read access and the third is write.
31-Aug-1996 : Change MiscOp1 to detect for an empty drive.

Version 1.29

14-Aug-1996 : On SHUTDOWN, mount drives under a service call to prevent error within Desktop ShutDown.
14-Aug-1996 : Fix occurence of wrong register being used in partition check.
14-Aug-1996 : Ensure partition table is at sector zero when mounting.
19-Aug-1996 : On spindown, try an immediate stop command to ensure desktop is not held up.

Version 1.28

06-Aug-1996 : On background transfers, on transfer is limited to 1/4 of the Buffers size.
07-Aug-1996 : On IDE based systems, only emulate SCSI CDBs upto a maximum specified in R4.

Version 1.27

22-Jul-1996 : Add 'Eject' command to eject drives.
25-Jul-1996 : Improved performance (about 80%) on all IDE based systems (IDEFS & EADFS).

Version 1.26

09-Jul-1996 : Modify streamer mount operation so it checks for valid block size before setting it.

Version 1.25

10-May-1996 : Add low level IDE access SWI to IDEFS (allows ATAPI drives on IDE bus).

Version 1.24

02-May-1996 : Add LBA addressing on IDE based drives (IDEFS & EADFS).

Version 1.23

23-Apr-1996 : Reverse modification made on 18-Apr-1996 for tape streamers.

Version 1.22

18-Apr-1996 : Limit read-ahead/write-after system for integrity.

Version 1.21

10-Apr-1996 : If a drive supports sync transfer (SCSI only) then enable sync via SCSIDriver.

Version 1.20

26-Mar-1996 : Fix bug which over-wrote the pathname of the message file.
26-Mar-1996 : Only allow 'Tst-Unit-Rdy' every 5 seconds.
27-Mar-1996 : When the user tries to mount a medium containing backup data, inform him of his folly!

Version 1.19

25-Mar-1996 : Use 'Territory' instead of 'Country' for multi-lingual message files.

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