This is the development log of '!PowerMgr' - Generic FileCore based file system configuration and administration. The versions are shown in descending order, with changes within a version being in ascending order.

Version 2.25

01-May-2009 : Added improved FAT formating plus FAT32

Version 2.24

15-Feb-2009 : Update copyright year.

Version 2.23

07-Jan-2004 : Added 32bit version.
07-Jan-2004 : Update copyright year.
27-Jan-2004 : Fixed some 32bit issues with embedded assembler code.
27-Jan-2004 : Modify some of the FLASH ROM programming code to handle podules at different addresses (Iyonix).
03-Feb-2004 : Change the microsecond delay code to use the HAL on Iyonix (used for FLASH programming).
11-Feb-2004 : Only allow users with a maintainance contract dated on or after 1/6/2003 use the program.
11-Feb-2004 : Fix 32bit code in embedded HFORM core code.

Version 2.22

08-Apr-2003 : Update copyright year.

Version 2.21

24-Oct-2002 : Added German message file - thanks to Weiss Niklaus for the translation.

Version 2.20

16-Oct-2002 : No longer ship old CDFS soft driver modules within the Module directory.

Version 2.19

26-Sep-2002 : Fixed silly bug in 'partition conversion' which did not check the correct end point of a partition.
26-Sep-2002 : New maximum partition size of 256GBytes - needs a maintenance contract valid on or after this date.

Version 2.18

22-Jun-2002 : Placed CDFS modules in MODULE directory instead of always being in FLASH (for SCSI with FLASH ROMs).
27-Jul-2002 : Removed DOSFS and DOSMount from all ROMs and file systems - causes problems.
03-Aug-2002 : Change Kinetic configuration bit in 'Config' word written to FlashROM.
03-Aug-2002 : Fixed '!Help' exceptions.
17-Sep-2002 : Make PowerMgr think that ATAPI licenses mean SCSI!

Version 2.17

28-Apr-2002 : Added PUSBFS (USB Mass Storage) to file system list.
28-Apr-2002 : On file systems which can not be configured - dont allow the config page to be shown.
28-Apr-2002 : Dont allow partitioning of drives (ie. only one partition per drive) on selected file systems.

Version 2.16

18-Mar-2002 : When changing write protect state on Zip & Jaz drives, force drive renumeration in file system.
23-Mar-2002 : Allow PowerMgr to control NC ZipFS drives.

Version 2.15

22-Feb-2002 : Give warning if the version running is a Dealer demonstration version.
22-Feb-2002 : Allow the request for a software update from iconbar menu.

Version 2.14

31-Dec-2001 : Increase maximum partition size (needs valid support contract).
08-Jan-2002 : Update copyright year.

Version 2.13

04-Aug-2001 : Lessen memory requirements for HFORM.
08-Aug-2001 : Bug found in HFORM (variable not known) - cure not yet known.

Version 2.12

04-Aug-2001 : Fix 'Alloc%' bug in HFORM which caused 'Number to big' error.

Version 2.11

03-Aug-2001 : Allows HFORM core to allocate more memory when required.

Version 2.10

08-Jul-2001 : Added extra diagnostics for launching HFORM core.

Version 2.09

06-Jun-2001 : Increase WimpSlot for HFORM to 2MBytes when formatting E and E+ formats.
15-Jun-2001 : Do not tile window backgrounds when this feature is disabled.

Version 2.08

01-Jun-2001 : Supports larger (>15 bits) 'IdLen' size in RiscOS4 type formats.

Version 2.07

20-Apr-2001 : Add new file system 'InternetFS'.

Version 2.06

12-Dec-2000 : Add new HFORM - now allows for smaller LFAU etc.
12-Dec-2000 : Display hourglass for long 'partition size' changes.
15-Dec-2000 : Add new file system 'SmartMediaFS' for Surftec.
21-Jan-2001 : Update copyright year.

Version 2.05

15-Sep-2000 : Add new file system 'Compact FlashFS' for Surftec.

Version 2.04

12-Jul-2000 : When no license file is not present, don't annoy the user too much...
14-Jul-2000 : Allow for both INFO and INFO/DAT files. But check for INFO/DAT first.

Version 2.03

17-May-2000 : Check that OS is at least 3.60 and not 3.70 for 'big partitions'.
17-May-2000 : Give error if the best allocation unit size can not be found in HFORM instead of looping for ever.
17-May-2000 : Allow access to PowerMgr without a license file.
17-May-2000 : If no license file is present, only allow normal RISCOS formatting, and limit size to 512MBytes.

Version 2.02

14-Apr-2000 : Fix bug which stopped the user from having multiple partitions when first was RiscOS+ format.
20-Apr-2000 : Allow for smaller LFAU on RiscOS type formated partitions.

Version 2.01

14-Apr-2000 : Remove 'find alloc size' code from Acorn's HFORM core as it gets stuck in a loop with some disc sizes.

Version 2.00

12-Apr-2000 : Remove embarassing error which only allowed F+ to work for certain people.
12-Apr-2000 : Shade-out file systems which are not licenced in file system selection window.
12-Apr-2000 : Change names of a couple of file systems (PowerParallel and PowerTape).
12-Apr-2000 : Add QUIT option to file system selection window.
12-Apr-2000 : Try and ensure that there is enough memory to allow for HFORM core to execute.
12-Apr-2000 : Instead of not displaying unlicensed features in menus, simply shade them instead.

Version 1.99

23-Mar-2000 : Re-introduced F+ formatting.
23-Mar-2000 : Remove question concerning restarting PowerMgr on exit.

Version 1.98

06-Mar-2000 : Remove old copy protection system.
22-Mar-2000 : Add new user registration system.

Version 1.97

08-Feb-2000 : Change copyright to Partis Computing.

Version 1.96

18-Jan-2000 : Allow multiple partitions when first partition is F+ format.

Version 1.95

05-Jan-2000 : Cure for 'PWAL' error.

Version 1.94

27-Oct-1999 : Fix 'HFORM Error 1'.
03-Dec-1999 : Enhanced BETA Test facility.

Version 1.93

09-Aug-1999 : PowerMgr remembers when all ATAPI drivers are disabled.
09-Aug-1999 : Some FLASH programming changes.
15-Sep-1999 : Allow 'Cleaning' without !EnBeta.
15-Sep-1999 : Clean discs on 'Partition Conversion'.

Version 1.92

30-Jul-1999 : Correct 'format version' byte is placed in boot block on 'formatting' and 'cleaning' (for RO4).

Version 1.91

13-May-1999 : Modify main window template slightly.
13-May-1999 : Do not allow (by default) the cleaning of existing partitions which contain data.

Version 1.90

15-Apr-1999 : When re-starting PowerMgr, ensure it picks up the defined WimpSlot settings.
15-Apr-1999 : Fix silly bug which did not calculate a 'best guess' geometry correctly.
15-Apr-1999 : Change minimum LFAU to 11 (2048 bytes), and dont zero when set to automatic (HFORM complains).
15-Apr-1999 : Fix bug in HFORM which causes HFORM to think that drives >2Gb and <4Gb are not big discs!
15-Apr-1999 : Change 'clean' code so that it detects drives partitions which are 'big discs' but do not say so.
22-Apr-1999 : Do not clean partitions on 'Partition Conversion'.
22-Apr-1999 : Add extra prompt when cleaning boot blocks.
22-Apr-1999 : Do not clean _all_ potentially unused data from boot block.
04-May-1999 : Do not set 'Big Disc' flag on big discs when cleaning if it was not already set.

Version 1.89

13-Apr-1999 : If a drive does not return a geometry then calculate one instead of using a default.
13-Apr-1999 : On initialising a FileCore partition, remove 'crap' from boot block.
13-Apr-1999 : Automatically clean FileCore boot blocks on partition conversion.
13-Apr-1999 : Add options to clean FileCore boot blocks on a given drive (misc operations).

Version 1.88

09-Mar-1999 : If territory is set to Switzerland then use German...

Version 1.87

05-Feb-1999 : Added extra 'CDir' to stop locking on non-SCSI versions.

Version 1.86

05-Nov-1998 : Adjusted template to ensure 'Configure Computer' window open up as full size.
05-Nov-1998 : Added extra window buttons to allow user resizing of windows.
20-Nov-1998 : Added ParIDEFS to PowerManager.

Version 1.85

24-Oct-1998 : When FLASH memory runs out of space when adding modules, after error, re-enable hourglass.
27-Oct-1998 : New visual appearance.

Version 1.84

07-Aug-1998 : Warn user when requested to partition a removable disc.
07-Aug-1998 : Do not change CDFS values within configuration except when the selected filing system in SCSI.
27-Aug-1998 : Enable WideSCSI on speed test if available.
01-Sep-1998 : Add new (but as yet unsupported) disc format for RiscOS 4.

Version 1.83

22-Jul-1998 : Add Cumana UltraSCSI-3 code (allow setting of active terminators).

Version 1.82

28-Jun-1998 : On exit, only query a new filing system if more than one (or no) Power-tec filing system is present.
03-Jul-1998 : Add some PCI functionality to FLASH programming.

Version 1.81

17-May-1998 : Automatically grab the FX module from Cumana SCSI-2 cards, and place it in new FLASH image.

Version 1.80

30-Apr-1998 : Improve partition conversion to detect 'real' partitions.
01-May-1998 : Allow a wider variety of charactors to be in a disc name.

Version 1.79

21-Apr-1998 : On configuration, ensure all drive icons are displayed on the iconbar by default.

Version 1.78

13-Mar-1998 : Added programming of CAT28F010 FLASH EPROMs (Cumana).
21-Mar-1998 : Further refinements of Cumana SCSI-2 FLASH EPROM programming.
28-Mar-1998 : Make FLASH programming independant of whether FLASH is 5v or 12v VPP.
30-Mar-1998 : Added programming of Intel i28F010 FLASH EPROMs (Cumana).
30-Mar-1998 : Added programming of AMD AM28F010 FLASH EPROMs (Cumana).

Version 1.77

22-Jan-1998 : Allow the entering of size via keyboard of a streamer partition.
22-Jan-1998 : Configuration will clear all extended CMOS settings.

Version 1.76

11-Dec-1997 : Allow configuration of termination on version 3 SCSI boards.

Version 1.75

25-Nov-1997 : Allow upto 16Gbyte partition sizes again.

Version 1.74

27-Oct-1997 : Add software write protect facility to Jaz and Zip drives.
29-Oct-1997 : Stop rouge file systems (ie. old Oak SCSI) from interfering with our products.

Version 1.73

14-Oct-1997 : Add SWI and FS number for JazFS.
14-Oct-1997 : When exiting, ask user if he wishes to select a different filing system to work upon.
22-Oct-1997 : Limit partition sizes to 2Gbytes (documented Acorn RiscOS bug in FileCore etc).

Version 1.72

09-Oct-1997 : Change name of ParFS (PowerZip) to ZipFS and add JazFS as a parallel port SCSI Jaz.

Version 1.71

05-Oct-1997 : Modified latest version of Risc_OSLib to fix menu bug.
05-Oct-1997 : Stop application from exiting or displaying wrong windows when selecting menu items.
05-Oct-1997 : Change names of ParFS (PowerZip) and EADFS (PowerIDE).

Version 1.70

16-Sep-1997 : Compiled with latest C compiler.
30-Sep-1997 : Finalised placing of user modules with in FLASH ROM.

Version 1.69

19-Aug-1997 : Added complete NVRamFS support (for internal use).

Version 1.68

02-Jul-1997 : Added complete ParFS support (for parallel Zip drives etc).
08-Jul-1997 : Added correct SWI base and FS number for EADFS.
08-Jul-1997 : Added additional performance check when testing drive/system speed in 'Drive Info'.

Version 1.67

17-Jun-1997 : Do not allow compression of executables.
17-Jun-1997 : Do not use normal '_kernel_swi' for SWI calls.

Version 1.66

28-May-1997 : When changing the format type of a partition ensure that other partitions do not loose there format.
28-May-1997 : On a Partition Conversion, inform user that it will only find NewMap type formats. (ie. normal formats).

Version 1.65

12-May-1997 : Only allow Power-tec *or* Acorn ATAPI, or none, but not both.

Version 1.64

24-Mar-1997 : When partitioning drives which return 'way out' logical geometry, then partition with default geometry.

Version 1.63

15-Mar-1997 : Allow the changing of the sector interleave on a low level format (some drives want different interleave).
15-Mar-1997 : Set the default interleave to zero - factory default (used to be 1 - internal to !RunImage).

Version 1.62

19-Feb-1997 : If a drive says it is ready, then dont try and spin it up (speeds up some operations).
26-Feb-1997 : Change default LFAU settings to help HFORM format smaller drives.
04-Mar-1997 : Auto detect Flash ROM types and program accordingly (added SST29EE010).

Version 1.61

12-Feb-1997 : Remove 'Registration' information from startup window.
12-Feb-1997 : Ensure all abreviations of 'byte' have a capital 'B'.
12-Feb-1997 : If no hard discs are configured - then do not allow the setting of the default filing system.

Version 1.60

08-Jan-1997 : Only issue 'un-write-protect' command to IOMEGA drives (stops confusing old Syquest drives).

Version 1.59

18-Nov-1996 : Drive selection display is now cached for upto 5 minutes.
18-Nov-1996 : Modify internal memmove() and memset() so that they work on non word aligned boundaries.
20-Nov-1996 : Rebuilt with latest version of Risc_OSLib.
21-Nov-1996 : Modified internal menu control system.

Version 1.58

11-Nov-1996 : Allow independant enable/disable of Power-tec ATAPI and Acorn ATAPI.
11-Nov-1996 : Allow the changing of the format type when initialising partitions.
12-Nov-1996 : Placed latest version of basterdised HFORM into !PowerMgr.
13-Nov-1996 : Fixed bug which caused the wrong size non-RISCOS format partitions to be initialised on drives over 2Gb.

Version 1.57

28-Oct-1996 : Modify timing for programming 29F010 FLASH ROMs (for StrongARM machines).

Version 1.56

15-Oct-1996 : Allow for drives which return a zero size to be configured for use.

Version 1.55

07-Oct-1996 : Check for IDE drives which respond to both Master and Slave select.

Version 1.54

25-Sep-1996 : When using default configuration (express and explicit) then enable Power-tec ATAPI system.
25-Sep-1996 : Ensure Acorn/EESOX ATAPI driver is unplugged or enabled - depending on the Power-tec ATAPI setting.

Version 1.53

13-Sep-1996 : Ignore diagnostics from HFORM core when the map link bits are not 100% correct.

Version 1.52

09-Sep-1996 : Fix changing of partition sizes so that it does not spend for-ever working things out.
09-Sep-1996 : Allow EADFS to have upto 8 partitions (more usefull for drives over 2Gb).
09-Sep-1996 : Propagate diagnostics from HFORM core for the benefit of the user.

Version 1.51

30-Aug-1996 : When medium is write protected for a 'section', ask user if he/she wants to go on.

Version 1.50

14-Aug-1996 : Fix bug which failed to add the last CARRY to the ACC when calculating the boot block csum.
19-Aug-1996 : Only allow CDFS changes to SCSI based file systems.
19-Aug-1996 : When configuring EADFS, inform user that a reset may be required if ADFSBuffers were not zero.
19-Aug-1996 : Change DOS Formatting to allow better computation of disc geometry.
28-Aug-1996 : Do not allow further processing on drives which do not respond to a geometry request.
29-Aug-1996 : Increase max partition size to 16Gb.

Version 1.49

08-Aug-1996 : Add CDFS and CDFSSoftPower control to the configuration window.
08-Aug-1996 : When configuring EADFS, stop access to first partition on each drive.

Version 1.48

05-Aug-1996 : Allow separate windows for each drive on 'Drive Information'.
06-Aug-1996 : Reduce sprite and template sizes - application now just needs 512Kb to execute.
06-Aug-1996 : Automatically un-write protect Jaz drives (provided it is not locked with a password).
06-Aug-1996 : New BigDisc formatting - uses the host drive as a swap area. Allows upto 4Gb per partition.

Version 1.47

30-Jul-1996 : Improved configuration - it only sets CMOS bytes which have changed.
31-Jul-1996 : Modified window layout.
31-Jul-1996 : When using Advanced Install, fade out the 'Install' button.
31-Jul-1996 : Allow the displaying of drive information on all device types.
31-Jul-1996 : Drive selection display is now cached, with a re-scan option, plus the cache is cleared after 60s.
31-Jul-1996 : Increase memory allocation on startup.

Version 1.46

24-Jul-1996 : Add support for programming FLASH in a network slot.
29-Jul-1996 : Fix bug which did not allow the partitioning of drives which don't return their geometry.
29-Jul-1996 : Display warning when trying to do a write operation to write protected drives.

Version 1.45

05-Jul-1996 : Separate Partitioning from Initialisation totally, and place the primary partition info in partition table.
10-Jul-1996 : When selecting a card for FLASH programming, bring up card menu if card is not recognised.
12-Jul-1996 : On partition conversion, account for the primary partition with new partition tables.

Version 1.44

25-Jun-1996 : Allow clicking on icons which contain information for drop-down menus.
25-Jun-1996 : Allow clicking with right mouse button.
25-Jun-1996 : Allow the auto maximising of the main PowerMgr window.
25-Jun-1996 : On Up/Down/Left/Right arrows, the right button will now work in reverse.

Version 1.43

19-Jun-1996 : Check for trying to re-program an EPROM instead of a FLASH.
20-Jun-1996 : Express/Advanced install options change the size of window, blanking out options.
21-Jun-1996 : Remove 'right arrows' and replace with drop down menus on multi selection options.

Version 1.42

18-Jun-1996 : RISC OS 3.1 dialogue boxes have a key for which button to press.
18-Jun-1996 : Only display the FS type when more than one or zero Power-tec FSs are present in computer.
18-Jun-1996 : If certain cards are present, disallow access to certain options (re. FLASH & Termination).

Version 1.41

10-May-1996 : Allow user to 'TAB' through text entry icons and set organisation to 'Unknown' if non entered.
10-May-1996 : Always write back main FLASH image after checking copy protection.
10-May-1996 : Added format option for the GigaFS image filing system.
13-May-1996 : Increased max partition size to 2047Mb (2Gb).
23-May-1996 : Increased max partition size to 16384Mb (16Gb).
28-May-1996 : Limit speed test transfers to 64Mb.
28-May-1996 : Performance increase in startup (improved window buffering).

Version 1.40

01-May-1996 : Add 3rd party license support.

Version 1.39

17-Apr-1996 : Improved drive information window.
18-Apr-1996 : Change support email address.
18-Apr-1996 : Prevent 'divide by zero' errors on drive with zero block size.

Version 1.38

15-Apr-1996 : Internal disc operations now use block instead of byte addressing (each drive upto 512GBytes).
16-Apr-1996 : Cache drive information from one Wimp_Poll to the next (increased performance).
17-Apr-1996 : Improved drive selection window.

Version 1.37

04-Apr-1996 : Limit 'D' type formats to 511Mb.
04-Apr-1996 : Limit 'DOS' type formats to 2047Mb (this is an image File System).
10-Apr-1996 : Add raw speed test to 'Drive Information'.
11-Apr-1996 : If the message file for a given territory is not found, use English.

Version 1.36

27-Mar-1996 : Added OldMap (type 'D') formatting. This gives better space utilisation but no file fragmentation.
28-Mar-1996 : Allow partition sizes upto 1.5Gb (512Mb increase).
01-Apr-1996 : Do not give automatic prompt for saving FLASH ROM if a copy has already been taken.

Version 1.35

27-Mar-1996 : Place 'operation' window at top of screen, so it not obscured by new windows.
27-Mar-1996 : Conditional compilation of normal FileCore format code and new LargeFileCore code.

Version 1.34

25-Mar-1996 : Stop Hourglass for switching on/off when doing an express install.
25-Mar-1996 : Further encrypt password file and ensure the machine ID is valid.
25-Mar-1996 : Use 'Territory' instead of 'Country' for multi-lingual message files.
25-Mar-1996 : Allow the manual setting of tape size when formatting a streamer.
25-Mar-1996 : Inform user of what is happening when searching for devices.
26-Mar-1996 : When selecting the 'Empty:' format type, fill the first 64KBytes of medium with zeros.
26-Mar-1996 : Ensure when causing a 'technology bus reset' that all drives are ready before proceeding.

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