This is the development log of 'SCSIDriver' - SCSI protocol handler and SCSI virtualisation. The versions are shown in descending order, with changes within a version being in ascending order.

Version 1.75

30-Oct-2002 : Added missing line in new DMA code to enable DMA subsystem on 32bit cards (oops!).

Version 1.74

16-Oct-2002 : Default TX speed on startup for all devices is fast PIO.

Version 1.73

30-Sep-2002 : Fix what appeared to be a logic error in CMD_TX_DMA.

Version 1.72

03-Aug-2002 : Update (fix!) Kinetic status bit from FlashROM.
14-Sep-2002 : Connect32 termintor power control now works correctly.
22-Sep-2002 : Greatly simplify the DMA subsystem.

Version 1.71

18-Feb-2002 : Update copyright year.
24-Feb-2002 : Enabled full Kinetic support.

Version 1.70

28-Dec-2000 : Fixed HP scanner problem.
30-Dec-2000 : Limited Kinetic support (ie. recognises it's presence and degrades automatically).
21-Jan-2001 : Update copyright year.

Version 1.69

08-Feb-2000 : Change copyright to Partis Computing.
08-Feb-2000 : Allow un-modified Cumana SCSI-2 to work at full speed.

Version 1.68

10-Jan-2000 : Disable lazy task swapping on revision 'T' StrongARMs.

Version 1.67

09-Aug-1999 : Only allow parallel ATAPI within !SoftSCSI and not ROM images.

Version 1.66

01-Jul-1999 : Fix memory curruption in 53C94 emulation pages (ie. 5380 and 33C93).
01-Jul-1999 : Allow Acorn PowerROM to transfer any size data under FastPIO (mainly for scanners).
12-Jul-1999 : Disable FastPIO for Cumana SCSI-3 as the FX740 module appears to have different incarnations.

Version 1.65

09-Mar-1999 : If territory is set to Switzerland then use German...

Version 1.64

13-Jan-1999 : Add SCSISpeed star-command to set the default max speed of a device.
13-Jan-1999 : Default max speed for all devices on reset in DMA (or Fast-PIO if no DMA available).

Version 1.63

09-Dec-1998 : Fix funny when setting up state-machine in MACH110 for normal version 2 Power-tec SCSI cards.

Version 1.62

30-Nov-1998 : Fix Sync netogiation on all SCSI controllers (did not respond with MsgReject).
30-Nov-1998 : Fix MsgIn for extended messages on 5380 based cards (it erroneously de-asserted /ACK before asserting /ATN).

Version 1.61

18-Nov-1998 : Store controller type in Cumana SCSI-3 podule loader.

Version 1.60

16-Oct-1998 : Added superior IRQ checking code for parallel port ATAPI.

Version 1.59

19-Aug-1998 : Slowest data transfer speed is now single byte per IRQ (for scanner problems).
27-Aug-1998 : Add 'SCSIWideOn/Off' commands to disable and enable WideTransfer globally (off by default).
24-Sep-1998 : Finalise parallel port ATAPI support.
25-Sep-1998 : Add 'SCSIEnable' command to enable special (internal) features.
25-Sep-1998 : Limit parallel port ATAPI to slow speed unless special command is issued (stop piracy).

Version 1.58

29-Jul-1998 : Start implementing 'non-ADFS' type ATAPI for parallel port ATAPI devices.
07-Aug-1998 : Re-enabled LED output for all Power-tec cards except V2 cards (as this would cause a problem).
07-Aug-1998 : Re-enabled SyncTransfer for all Power-tec SCSI-3 cards (modified V2 and all Version 3).

Version 1.57

22-Jul-1998 : Modified SCSIDriver for Unix support.
25-Jul-1998 : Added new internal SWI for callback from TX modules.

Version 1.56

16-Jun-1998 : Add new 'Cumana Ultra SCSI-3' PowerROM (PowerFLASH) code (Normal Cumana SCSI-2 will now run slow!).
11-Jul-1998 : Add new 'Morley Turbo Uncached SCSI-1' PowerROM.

Version 1.55

03-Jun-1998 : Modified timing on 33C93 emulation for SCSI bus phase detection and action (Acorn SCSI cards).
06-Jun-1998 : Added new generic 'medium speed' transfer code to 33C93 cards (Acorn SCSI cards).
07-Jun-1998 : Control TX size for certain commands in ATAPI (fixes ATAPI Zip drives - an Iomega bug!).

Version 1.54

21-Apr-1998 : Add 16bit FastPIO to Cumana SCSI-2 cards.
21-Apr-1998 : Add 32bit DMA to Cumana SCSI-2 cards.

Version 1.53

11-Mar-1998 : Change the default SpeedSCSI type to 'slow-pio' as some scanners cannot cope with optimised transfers.
13-Mar-1998 : Add IRQ driven transfers for Cumana SCSI-2 cards.

Version 1.52

10-Feb-1998 : Split SCSIDriver into two modules, a small one for small EPROMs and a full one.

Version 1.51

22-Jan-1998 : Dont display POST reports on hardware which is not tested.

Version 1.50

02-Jan-1998 : Add SpeedSCSI settings (controlled by SCSI_Control9 - see documentation).

Version 1.49

09-Dec-1997 : Change order of initialising DMA associated registers in controller (cures problems on V2 Power-tec cards).

Version 1.48

08-Oct-1997 : Use 'AlternativeDMA' mode when using 'Threshold8' on non-DMA systems.

Version 1.47

02-Oct-1997 : Added SWI_EEPROM which does yet do anything (awaiting new boards with EEPROM in place).
03-Oct-1997 : Added POST test to boot sequence and stop if failure occurs.

Version 1.46

21-Aug-1997 : Cure the Threshold-8 problem (53C94) with cards which could be DMA driven (did not enable T-8).
18-Sep-1997 : Cure startup and copying problems - due to changed order of operations under IRQ.

Version 1.45

05-May-1997 : Software modifications to Power-tec cards speed-up algorithm for DMA.
05-May-1997 : Added new German text file.
03-Jul-1997 : Final modifications for SCSI-3.

Version 1.44

18-Mar-1997 : Modified ATAPI support to write data to upper 16bits of word (Fixes A5000 ATAPI problem).
21-Mar-1997 : Interum work-around for AVS backplanes.
23-Mar-1997 : Change 5380 address on Lindis cards from MEMC space to IOC space.

Version 1.43

17-Feb-1997 : Modified ATAPI support to allow for differing IDE addressing schemes.

Version 1.42

28-Jan-1997 : Added support for Power-tec Ultra SCSI-3 host. Using FAS216U controller (top speed is 20Mbytes/sec).
28-Jan-1997 : Added some extra code for disconnect/reselect.
04-Feb-1997 : Only allow disconnection on systems which support IRQ driven transfers.

Version 1.41

20-Jan-1997 : Removed 'un-needed' delay from DMA handler! - caused IRQs to be disabled too long and reduced performance.

Version 1.40

02-Dec-1996 : Modified support for 'non-true' SCSI podules (ie. EcoSCSI and MicroPodule SCSI).
02-Dec-1996 : Added support for HCCS MicroPodule SCSI.

Version 1.39

25-Nov-1996 : Configurable IDs for ATAPI devices (new 'SCSIATAPI' command).
25-Nov-1996 : Fix silly bug which returned the wrong R0 value when calling registered transfer routines.
25-Nov-1996 : Only accept SCSI cards in podule slots 0 to 3.

Version 1.38

15-Nov-1996 : Add hardware system check to *SCSICards command.
20-Nov-1996 : Better checking in F16PIO code for data in fifo.

Version 1.37

13-Nov-1996 : SCSIDriver will now callup the SpeedUp modules on a greater number of scenarios.
13-Nov-1996 : Add support for VTI/TSP/Arxe 8bit Turbo SCSI.

Version 1.36

30-Oct-1996 : Added support for Arxe/VTI/TSP card which does not have UserPort or HD (IO allocation is different).

Version 1.35

21-Oct-1996 : Any command/SWI which alters hardware or DataTX systems will wait until any background command completes.
21-Oct-1996 : Add SWI to register 3rd party specialist data transfer code (normally would use slower generic code).
21-Oct-1996 : Display transfer type for a card on startup and *SCSICards.
28-Oct-1996 : Modify DMA coding for all SCSI cards.

Version 1.34

18-Oct-1996 : The SCSI hardware release code will also zero the card list structure.
20-Oct-1996 : Add 'SCSISyncOn/Off' commands to disable and enable SyncTransfer globally (off by default).

Version 1.33

20-Sep-1996 : Add generic 5380 based PIO transfer routine - all 5380 based cards now run at at least 145Kb/s (SA110).
23-Sep-1996 : Add generic 53c94 based PIO transfer routine - all 53c94 based cards now run at at least 235Kb/s (SA110).
23-Sep-1996 : Improve 'bus service' detection on 5380 cards so pending IRQs have priority over new IRQs.

Version 1.32

17-Sep-1996 : Add 'SCSIIRQOn/Off' commands to disable and enable IRQs on cards which support IRQs.

Version 1.31

13-Sep-1996 : Allow IDE master drives to be accessed as an ATAPI device (was just slave drives).
16-Sep-1996 : Commence the incorporation of the SCSI-3 command and messaging system (for all hosts).

Version 1.30

10-Sep-1996 : Added Lindis 8/16 bit SCSI-1 support but runs slow.

Version 1.29

02-Aug-1996 : Changed SCSI_Op IRQ 'call back' to ensure the next command launched from the 'call back' actually starts.
03-Aug-1996 : Fixed Sync Negotiation when command is launched (sometimes forgot to negotiate).
03-Aug-1996 : Coded the already documented 'SCSI_Control2' call - LED control (see documentation).
03-Aug-1996 : DMA transfer lights any relevent LEDs on commencement and turns them off on completion (better LED display).
28-Aug-1996 : Finalised initial HPC service system for ASPI calls.

Version 1.28

24-Jul-1996 : Added Power-tec Network Slot 16bit SCSI-1 support.
25-Jul-1996 : Added Cumana SCSI-1 8bit and 16bit support but runs slow.
29-Jul-1996 : Added Oak SCSI-1 16bit support but runs slow.
31-Jul-1996 : If any card present does not support IRQs, mark the system as having no background data transfers.
31-Jul-1996 : Add WideSCSI negotiation (controlled by SCSI_Control8 - see documentation).

Version 1.27

26-Jun-1996 : SCSIDriver now supports the Castle Technology 16bit SCSI-2 card.
27-Jun-1996 : Add 'SCSIDMAOn/Off' commands to disable and enable DMA transfers.
08-Jul-1996 : Confirm full support for VTI/TSP/Arxe 16bit SCSI-1 card.
08-Jul-1996 : Ensure that only one non-DMAed byte is transfered in sequence (53C94 variants) - cures many problems.
09-Jul-1996 : Added SCSIBlock command.
10-Jul-1996 : Added limited Cumana SCSI-2 support (not termination control, PIO only, and no FLASH support).

Version 1.26

10-May-1996 : Add support for IDE Podules for accessing ATAPI drives (not yet used).
06-Jun-1996 : Add support for the resurrected 8 Bit SCSI-1 card.
06-Jun-1996 : Allow the active terminator setting to take effect instantly, with the correct polarity.

Version 1.25

19-Apr-1996 : Optimise ATAPI read code for faster drives.

Version 1.24

12-Apr-1996 : Implement missing 'Bit28' option in SCSI_Op (retry on timeout).
12-Apr-1996 : Modify Sync code so that _NO_ negotiation takes place when Sync is disabled.
12-Apr-1996 : Optimise PoduleLoader for faster start-up.

Version 1.23

03-Apr-1996 : Change 16Kb wbite limit on PIO (DMA cards) to 4Kb.
10-Apr-1996 : Add sync negotiation (controlled by SCSI_Control7 - see documentation).

Version 1.22

26-Mar-1996 : Sync negotiation and transfer code complete but currently disabled as old drives mis-behave.

Version 1.21

25-Mar-1996 : Use 'Territory' instead of 'Country' for multi-lingual message files.

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